Makaton is a non – verbal language programme that uses visual symbols and hand signs to support communication and aid speech. Makaton stimulates sounds and words. It is to be used alongside words in spoken word order.

The ability to communicate is one of the most important skills we need in life. Supporting our pupils to communicate helps them within their independence, learning, relationships, wants and needs and builds their self – esteem.

Makaton is beneficial to all children as it helps the development of listening and attention, social skills, fine motor, reading, spelling, friendships and confidence. Makaton is also very enjoyable and extremely inclusive! Some children begin singing when they are babies!

We as a school are supporting one another to use Makaton more frequently and be more confident with its use. We would like you as parents to join us. If you feel like Makaton is appropriate for your child you may want to begin by learning some vocabulary that is appropriate to your child and their environment. We have included a range of core vocabulary for you to try if you so wish.

Make sure you use eye-contact, facial expression and body language to convey the meaning of your communication. Select the word that conveys meaning. You may want to begin by doing hand over hand initially to support your child with the relevant gesture or sign.

Each week you will find the 'Makaton Sign of the Week' uploaded to the Acorns website. You can also see Makaton being used in Cbeebies programme 'Something Special' with Mr Tumble. There is also the Signing Hands UK YouTube channel which posts lots of Makaton related content. Finally you can find great supporting material on the official Makaton website. Links to access all of the above can be find below!


Happy signing!





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