At Acorns Primary School, we value all members of our community. For pupils who are learning English as an Additional Language, this includes recognising their home language and culture. As a school, we are aware that bilingualism is a strength and that EAL pupils, staff and parents have a valuable contribution to make. We take a whole school approach, including ethos, curriculum, education against racism, and promoting language awareness.

We currently have 26 pupils who are registered as having English as an additional language. Their home languages are: Urdu, Igboo, Gujarati, Tamil, Welsh, Arabic, Pashto, Kurdish, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Chinese, French, Romanian, Shona, Farsi and Dari. The children come from a variety of backgrounds – some were born in the UK but are exposed to a language other than English at home; others were born outside of the UK.

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