7 November 2018

Below is a case study from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents about the death of a young boy. It is very brave of his mother to cascade this very sad message to as wide an audience as possible, but by doing this, if we can avoid just one similar incident then that is what we need to do.


“I went into my seven-month-old baby son Maison’s bedroom to wake him up – only it wasn’t his beautiful smile I was greeted with. Instead Maison was lying in his cot with a handful of nappy sacks scattered around him and one was covering his face.

“From that moment it was all a painful blur, but I know that 999 was called and my house was full of paramedics desperately trying to save my baby’s life. I knew he was gone and it was too late.

“Like many people, our changing stand had been placed next to the cot. Months earlier, I had placed some nappy sacks in the pockets of the stand, though I had forgotten they were there. Maison had never crawled. He could sit, but only if you placed him that way, but that day he must have learned to stand for the first time.

“Since Maison’s death I have found out that nappy sacks have claimed the lives of at least 16 babies. I urge all parents, grandparents and carers to think about the possible dangers before they become a problem – be aware of the risks. Are there nappy sacks in reach? Are nappy sacks in a zipped changing bag? Whatever happens, don’t have the attitude that ‘it won’t happen to me’, because when tragedy strikes it leaves you heartbroken forever.”


By Beth Amison, Maison’s mum

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