Home Wellbeing Ideas for BAME and EAL Pupils and Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Focus on the familiar – a lot of things have changed, but what is the same?
  • If you cannot access a place that you normally go, for example a shop, a mosque, or a church, you could make a model of this at home.
  • Get some exercise - take a walk in the local park (Preston is full of them!) or play some games in the park or garden.
  • Phone or Facetime relatives and friends – ensure a responsible adult is on the call.  
  • Read a story together, or play with sensory toys.
  • Follow a recipe or enjoy a themed meal – you could imagine you are in a favourite café or restaurant!
  • Practise breathing exercises or yoga – there some ideas at this site:


  • Relax or dance to some of your favourite music.
  • If you have specific worries, please get in touch. We may be able to help with a social story or a practical idea.

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